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1. Quality of Service: We are committed to a high level of proactive, courteous service from all associates at Paul R. Ried Financial Group, LLC.

2. Trusted Advisory Team: We are committed to trustworthiness, dependability, independence, and collaboration, as a team. We believe there is great value and strength in drawing from the experience and talents of multiple team members in the planning, implementation, and ongoing consulting process. Please feel free to read about each of our team members by clicking here.

3. Recommendations Based on Your Needs: We are committed to independent, unconflicted advice and recommendations. We subscribe to a fiduciary standard that was established as part of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. This means we are held to the highest standard requiring us to put our client's interests above our own. Avoiding conflicts of interest is important when acting as a fiduciary, and it means that we must disclose any potential conflicts.

4. Confidentiality: We are committed to the strictest levels of confidentiality with information provided to the Paul R. Ried Financial Group, LLC team. We protect all information to the highest standards outlined by the SEC, Washington State, and regulatory agencies.

5. Transparency: We are committed to transparency in our relationships with clients and so, we always clearly explain the costs for your portfolio management, transactions, and advisory services. We welcome any questions and commit to take the time to provide accurate, clear, and thorough answers.

6. Communications: We are committed to communicate with you regularly and in a timely fashion. Communication is through our annual or semiannual meetings, Market Commentaries, emails, statements, blog posts, videos, and phone/email responses. We encourage you to call or email us at ANY time when a question arises or a there is a change in your circumstances. We are truly your consultant on any issue that affects your finances.

7. Education: We are committed to our ongoing education and yours. We commit, on an ongoing basis, to stay abreast of changes in the factors that will affect your retirement and financial planning. These include the financial markets, the US and international economy, planning strategies, tax codes, Social Security, Medicare, estate issues, and insurance. Further, we are committed to educate you in the core principals and fundamentals necessary for a successful retirement plan. These are through the one-on-one meetings with your advisor, our Market Commentaries, website and emails. Please feel free to look at the Paul R. Ried Financial Group Client Cybersecurity Guide as an example of a resource available to you right now!

8. Accuracy: We are committed to assuring that you have accurate third-party reporting on all managed accounts. Your statements will identify all account positions held, cash receipts, and disbursements.

9. Lifelong Relationship: We are committed to a lifelong personal relationship with you. You will benefit from our tools and analysis to help you retire with confidence. Then, you will enjoy our coordinated post-retirement consulting process which integrates advice on Social Security timing, pension survivor options, income management, investments, long term care, continuing care housing, and estate transition planning. Our services are designed to take the confusion and complexity out of retirement so you can have the freedom to enjoy your interests and passions during this very special time in your life… YOUR RETIREMENT!