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1. Resources: We gather the resources needed in each area of planning. These resources include proprietary tools and technology as well as our ability to identify specialists in each area needed in the planning process. We prescreen specialists to make sure they are qualified, have the knowledge, integrity, reputation, credentials, and experience. They become accountable to not only our clients but to us. Specialists include attorneys, accountants, insurance specialists (life insurance and Medicare Supplemental), long term care specialists, and continuing care consultants, among others. We coordinate with these specialists as needed therefore becoming the quarterback of your financial team. Our goal is to work together with these other specialists to fill in any financial gaps in your overall long-term planning.

2. Education: Education is crucial. Our history began with Paul conducting corporate financial classes and seminars over 21 years. Topics included Retirement Planning, IRA/401k Strategies, Estate Planning, Insurance Strategies, Investment Planning, and Cash Flow/Income Management. We bring this knowledge to each engagement. Our individual planning sessions are more like a one-on-one class tailored to each individual. Our ongoing goal with this educational approach is to provide our clients with the best information possible to equip them to make the best financial decision for them. We recognize that each individual or family is unique with its own long-term goals and objectives. The educational process that we take our clients through is designed to recognize this individuality in each planning relationship.

3. Consultation: Our collaborative process includes consultations that apply the resources and education needed to make sound decisions in each aspect of the planning process. Through the years we have combined our experience with helping nearly 1,000 clients retire (and stay retired). Our consultations are conducted with sensitivity to each client’s unique goals and objectives.

4. Advice and Implementation: We address each of the possible options in the planning process and help each client reach the best solution based upon their unique circumstances. Our team of specialists applies their knowledge to help each client reach optimal planning decisions. This may be regarding questions such as:

  • “When can I retire?”
  • “Which pension option is best for me?”
  • “Should I defer or rollover my 401k?”
  • “What are my health care options at age 65?”
  • “Is a trust right for me?”
  • “What are my distribution options at age 73* for my IRA or 401k?”

5. Monitoring and Ongoing Planning: As we developed a unique plan and investment strategy for our clients based upon their personalized long-term goals and objectives, we realized that the next step is ongoing monitoring and review of this plan. It is important for us to provide ongoing meetings and reviews to make sure that our clients are meeting their goals and objectives. These ongoing meetings allow us to provide our clients with an accountability of how things are going and allows us to stay connected to your long-term objectives. This is where we develop life-long relationships with our clients in helping them with all aspects of planning as they age, and as other planning issues come about. These planning issues include Social Security decisions, Medicare Supplemental options at age 65, and Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) options at 73.*


*RMDs begin at...

  • Age 70½ if you turned 70½ prior to January 1, 2020.
  • Age 72 if born in 1950 or earlier.
  • Age 73 if born in 1951 through 1959.
  • Age 75 if born in 1960 or later.

This RMD information is based on the timeline provided in the Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2022 (SECURE Act 2.0) which was passed on December 23, 2022.