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We take a systematic and proactive approach to portfolio design and investment management. While a well-designed asset allocation plan with strong risk management is vital, we also understand that the best laid plans can be jeopardized by investor behavior. This is why a collaborative educationally driven approach is vital.

Therefore, we develop a client’s investment strategy by taking the time to listen carefully and ask the right questions. This helps us determine and understand the risk tolerance and risk capacity of each client in order to develop appropriate solutions. Each of our clients has an individual investment strategy developed and guided by their goals, needs, and financial plan.

We manage our clients’ assets by taking a proactive approach. We utilize active management where tactical deviations in investments are made based on market conditions and valuations, with a long-term focus. Our goal is to protect our clients and help them reach their goals, not take risks in order to beat arbitrary benchmarks.

Investment Process

  • Through a collaborative process we determine each client’s unique return objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and income needs.
  • Monitor the global economy and asset price valuations on an ongoing basis
  • Constantly survey the landscape of available investment vehicles
  • Regularly perform in-depth due diligence on select investments/fund managers
  • Determine asset allocation based on individual Investment Policy Statement
  • Create portfolio with implementation of select investments/fund managers
  • Regularly review, reanalyze & rebalance

Fiduciary Standard

Unlike many financial advisors, we are bound to a fiduciary standard that was established as part of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. This means we are held to the highest standard requiring us to put our client's interests above our own. Avoiding conflicts of interest is important when acting as a fiduciary, and it means that we must disclose any potential conflicts. Additionally, we are bound by the "best execution" standard, meaning we must strive to invest with the best combination of low cost and efficient execution.