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Paul R. Ried conducted seminars, classes, and workshops for The Boeing Company for over 21 years. Below is the history of Paul's Boeing experience:

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2009 - Present: Personal One-on-One Retirement Planning Education & Consultations

Each Boeing pre-retiree is provided a “Customized Financial Class” in a consultation format. The focus is on individual retirement planning from an educational perspective. The “Boeing Specific” agenda covers:

-  Retirement Goals

-  Tax Planning

-  Investment / Boeing 401(k) Planning

-  Insurance Strategies*

-  Estate Planning

*Includes pension options, retiree health care, and long-term care.

This approach allows the knowledge and experience gained over the years to be applied in a highly interactive, client-centered, and results-oriented environment. The process provides specific direction on:

-  Retirement Timing

-  Pension Survivor Continuance Option Selection

-  Health Care Options

-  Boeing 401(k) Rollover vs. Deferral

-  Social Security Timing

-  Executive Benefits

-  Post-Retirement Investment/Income Planning

Each retiree is then guided through the Boeing Retirement Commencement Package.

  • Our advisory team conducts ongoing consultations with each pre- and post-retiree throughout the year and regularly provides access to educational resources.

2001 - 2008: Gold Card Chapter - Boeing Management Association (BMA)

Regularly taught seminars to retired Boeing managers who were members of the Gold Card Chapter entitled: "Boeing VIP Strategies: Rollover or Deferral". This seminar focused on the reasons for continuing to defer funds in the VIP as well as the reasons to rollover to an IRA. The process and criteria for selecting a financial advisor was also addressed.

  • Seminar taught at the continuing request of the BMA Executive Financial Committee, provided 1-2 seminars annually to the membership.

1994 - 2007: Boeing Education Network (BEN)

Boeing off-hours instructor through the learning and development organization regularly teaching retirement planning, VIP strategies, and other financial classes designed to equip Boeing employees at all levels to make informed financial decisions. Primary focus of classes was preparation for retirement from Boeing. Classes were one to six hours in length.

  • Taught 5-8 classes per quarter.
  • All sessions are broadcast throughout the Puget Sound area as well as nationwide to other Boeing locations via satellite, including Long Beach, Anaheim, Canoga Park, Portland, Philadelphia, and Kennedy Space Center, among others.
  • Sessions were also available via web cast.

2003 - 2006: Boeing Community Relations (BCR)

Developed and taught VIP seminars to Kent and Seattle Boeing Plants for Boeing Community relations, "Brown Bag Lunch Series”.

  • Regularly taught VIP lunchtime events upon request throughout the Seattle area.

2003: Renton Division Executive Team

Developed and taught retirement VIP seminar for Renton Division Executive Team: "VIP / Retirement Planning for the Boeing Executive".

  • At request of Renton Division VP, provided Executive Level Briefing on Retirement, VIP, and Executive Benefits.

2000: Retired Engineers Association

Developed and taught seminar on VIP / retirement planning for the Retired Engineers Association: “VIP for the Retired Boeing Engineer”.

  • At the request of the membership, taught seminar on VIP rollover strategies.

1999: Boeing Field Service / Professional Secretaries Association

Developed and taught retirement / VIP seminar for the Boeing Field Service annual regional directors meeting in Seattle, Washington. Produced video tape on retirement distributed to Boeing engineers and managers stationed overseas for Field Service.

  • At the request of the Field Service Director, provided special regional level program during 1999 annual meeting.

Developed and taught evening seminar to Boeing Executive Secretaries Association on money management.

1996: Boeing Education Network (BEN) Class Development

Developed the BEN Financial and Retirement Planning Educational curriculum at the request of the Boeing Learning and Development Organization. The Financial Education Curriculum included 11 customized classes designed to appeal to Boeing employees of all ages with the goal of providing information to help in managing their financial affairs.

Some of the class topics included:

-  Retirement Planning

-  Investment Management

-  VIP Planning

-  Insurance Strategies

-  Mutual Funds

-  Estate Planning

-  Cash Flow Management and Education Planning

Specific retirement topics were:

-  “The Boeing Retirement Process”

-  “Pension Survivor Option Strategies”

-  “Health Care after Retirement”

-  “VIP / IRA Investment Portfolio Design”

-  “Social Security”

-  “Post-Retirement Income Planning"

-  “How to Know if You Have Enough to Retire”

  • Taught these financial classes over the BEN system nationwide.

1991 – 1994: Boeing Prime Time

Developed and regularly taught money management workshops during this seven-week financial educational program directed at all Boeing pre-retirees. It was offered at the corporate level and sponsored by Human Resources. The program included speakers from Social Security and Boeing Retirement, along with an estate planning attorney and a financial advisor.

  • Offered 1-2 times annually.

1990 – 1995: Boeing Community Connection (BCC)

Taught lunch-time events and evening off-hours retirement seminars throughout the Puget Sound area for BCC. The lunch-time topic was “VIP Strategies”, and the evening seminar topic was “Strategies for a Successful Retirement”.

  • Taught 3-8 lunch-time events monthly as well as 4-6 evening events annually.

1989 – 1992: Boeing US Savings Bond Campaign

Provided financial seminars companywide on the purpose and role of US Savings Bonds in a financial plan. This was to support the Boeing Savings Bond Campaign.

  • Included a presentation at a company-wide “kick-off” meeting as well as various Seattle area locations.

1988 – 1989: Boeing Management Association (BMA)

Taught retirement and VIP classes to the Renton, Kent, and Everett chapters of BMA. Topics included “VIP Planning for the Boeing Manager” and “Retirement Planning for the Boeing Manager”.

  • Taught 2-3 seminars per year.

As of January 2022, the Boeing Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP) was renamed to The Boeing Company 401(k) Retirement Plan, or Boeing 401(k) for short. References prior to this point in time to the VIP were kept as-is for historical accuracy.

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