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Boeing's Voluntary Layoff (VLO) Program

| April 22, 2020

These are unprecedented times… in our nation, in our economy and in the markets. Individuals need financial advice now more than ever before, especially those nearing and in retirement. This time in the economy, combined with Boeing’s recent decision to offer a VLO (Voluntary Layoff) program, has prompted us to increase our capacity to serve additional clients.

For the past ten years, all our clients have come from “word of mouth”. Our client family has steadily grown because of you; you have experienced our knowledge, service, and support over the years and have graciously shared that with others. Thank you, we are humbled and honored to be your financial team.

Our understanding is that Boeing's VLO program has a short decision process: the registration will open on April 27th, close on May 4th and the last day on payroll will be June 5th. Some of you may know friends or associates who are faced with making that decision. This is even more critical knowing that a choice must be made in these uncertain economic times.

We have prepared a short six-minute video message that identifies key decisions to be made by those considering retirement and that highlights our Planning, Education, Advice and Consultation (PEAC) pre- and post-retirement process.

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