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Glenda Gregory

Glenda Gregory

Administrative Support

Glenda Gregory has been with the firm since June 2007.  She is currently serving as Administrative Support and taking on new responsibilities preparing reports related to client meetings with the firm, with plans to add to her responsibilities.  Glenda previously served as Executive Assistant to the President and provided administrative support to clients, wholesalers and the entire firm.

Glenda began her career with a major aerospace company in Redondo Beach, California, where she advanced to Senior Executive Assistant working in a cross-section of organizations over the years and spending the last five years of her career in the district marketing organization of her division.  Her experience provided a well-rounded background with the company.  Glenda completed three years of college and earned an AA degree with a major in English.  She is from southern California and lived much of her adult life there.   She has a great love of the Golden State, especially the Pacific Ocean and warm weather. 

Glenda’s family and friends are her main source of interest and time spent away from the office.  She has most of her family living in the area and enjoys spending time with them.  In addition to enjoying an active social life, she is an avid reader, loves gardening and has an ongoing interest in learning.